Application Packaging On Demand

Don’t want to be tied to long-term contracts? Do you only want to automate the few applications that are causing you a headache? With Application Packaging On Demand you only outsource those applications you consider necessary. That way, you save valuable time that your staff can spend on what really matters: keeping your IT environment up and running!

We offer our service for the fixed, low fee of €399 (excluding VAT) per demand. Within one work day*, you will receive a functioning, tailor-made application package that caters to your wishes and demands. That is Provolve IT’s Application Packaging On Demand!

(*1 work day from the moment we receive all the necessary information for 1 package. Some packages will require more time. If that’s the case, we’ll inform you right away.)

“Application packaging is often used by larger companies. Staff are being hired, and that’s expensive. Small and medium-sized enterprises that occasionally want to have a package made, don’t immediately want to hire someone per hour. Moreover, they are not interested in signing long-term, laborious contracts for mandatory purchases with large parties. Our new service, Application Packaging On Demand, offers a solution to receive a one-time, tailor-made package for a fixed, low price. No contracts, no hassle. Merely a functional solution within one work day.”

– Dereck Breuning, CEO Provolve IT.

You provide the following information; we deliver a guaranteed functional package:

The installation files of the application that needs to be packaged (set-up files, license code, other requirements if necessary).

The format in which you want to receive them: virtual (App-V) or physical (MSI/EXE).

An installation description of how to install the application (which choices within the installation) and complementary settings within the application.

A test plan, to verify whether the application meets your demands.

Target operating system: Windows 7, 8, 10, or Server 2008, 2012, or 2016.

Peaceful oversight in your application landscape

Are you looking for just that little extra – more guidance and advice? Go for peaceful oversight in your application landscape by selecting our Productivity Snapshot. With that snapshot, we map your application landscape so you know exactly where you’re at and what’s coming with future migrations to a new platform (e.g. Windows 10). Send us an email or give us a direct call (+31 70 82 00 360) for an introductory conversation (no strings attached) in which we explain the myriads of advantages and savings.

Discount for Easy Software Deployment customers

Easy Software Deployment provides you with a powerful yet easy-to-use solution for quickly offering tailor-made packages in your IT environment. If you are already using Easy Software Deployment*, you will not only receive a €100 discount (excluding VAT) for every package at Application Packaging On Demand, but also ESD Ready packages that you can make available to the users with a couple of clicks. Do you want to find out how Easy Software Deployment can help you to save on the license costs of deployment tools and make your staff more effective and efficient? Request a free 30-day trial here!

(*At least 20 licenses.)

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