Dereck Breuning

CEO | Sr. Application Management Specialist

Ferry van Gelderen

CTO | Sr. Application Management Specialist

Sebastian Bakker

Sr. Application Management Specialist

Frank van Hoolwerff

Sr. Technical Consultant

Kees Hoving

Sales & Marketing Manager


We believe in “flat management”, or Holocracy. We value working in a team with equal rights and opinions. We don’t think one of us is more or less important than the other, we see each other as peers. The power to execute and making decisions is with the team. Since we are a small company and therefore a small team, we will at all times decide together.


In case of larger application management projects, we have access to excellent Packaging Eagles who can complete our team. No matter the assignment that needs to be completed, we always find the perfect match with our team and vouch for them as if they’re regular team Eagles.