Applications drive your business’s growth, so the management of these applications is an important topic that should not be underestimated. At Provolve IT we are experts at Application Management, software packaging and deployment. The Eagles of Provolve IT will help your regular IT team stay focused on the IT tasks that matter and keep your business running smoothly, and we’ll fix the rest!


The packaging of software and applications is used to make sure that every computer in your company will have the same configuration of these software and applications, which will increase efficiency. In order to configure the software and applications (new or updates), our Packaging Eagles will listen to the wishes of both the managers as well as the end users to optimize their work flow. Once that configuration egg is laid, the next step is deployment.


After the packaging, the software needs to spread its wings. It needs to be deployed. This will happen from one central point, so no end users will be disturbed. With our own developed software package “Easy Software Deployment“, we make it easy to deploy software in a no-nonsense approach. Powerful features and ease of use will have you experiencing software deployment in a whole different way. Click here to read more about Easy Software Deployment now!


Will you be needing a few extra Eagles for your application migration, repackaging or deployment? Whether it’s for just a one-time software update or a long term project, when the Provolve IT Eagle has landed at your company, we got you covered!


Get more efficient in your Application Management projects so your IT staff can work on the problems that obstruct your business from growing. Have our Eagles fly by and get a Provolve Productivity Snapshot on your current state of Application Management with clear tips and actions you can immediately implement!


Provolve IT can provide custom in house training. Let us know where and how you want your employers to improve and our Eagles will teach them some new tricks.